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Finished my first year of college with a final GPA of 3.72, so I am feeling pretty good about that.

As far as I can tell I now meet all of the requirements for transferring to Georgia Tech through the First-Generation Transfer Pathway program, I'll know for sure 15 June.


I am continuing my work-study job through my school over the summer, the work I do there is interesting, fun, and fulfilling while also not being a drain on my mental health.

With school ending just under a month ago I am finally getting into good habits for the summer. I am putting a lot more effort into my physical health than ever before and I am actually getting results this time, which helps to keep me motivated.

I have a few trips and concerts planned for the summer that are meant to be a sort of last hoorah before I get really into my studies next year (either at GT or otherwise), the changes will be reflected on my travel map.


Updated 24 May, 2023